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Alternative learning/pupil premium forum

Alternative Learning Forum

Overall Purpose: To achieve a more centrally coordinated 14-16 programme that fully informs all schools on the college offer, enabling sustainable group sizes, practice sharing and improved outcomes for learners and an increase in learners attending appropriate quality provision.

Summary of Activities 2015/16

  • The group met twice: Autumn and Summer Terms.
  • A survey of all schools and colleges took place to inform the Autumn session.
  • A market place of provision followed by a discussion on barriers and potential solutions took place in the Autumn.

Evaluation and Outcomes Achieved to date 2015/16

  • Common days agreed.
  • Additional opportunities for collaboration discussed including provider staff travelling to school sites.
  • Numbers agreed and potential for in fill shared
  • Common protocols revised and reintroduced.

Priorities and Recommendations for 2016/17

This is a new forum and difficult to measure until 2018/19 although some indicators can be measured in the Autumn Term therefore proposal is to continue to meet in Autumn and Summer Terms.

  • Expansion of the carousel course model currently in the South Consortium
  • Tracking success of the school site delivery model using provider staff
  • Evaluation of the first year of re-using common registration forms.
  • Considering an area vocational offer (available to staff via LOMO?) and standardised costs. Working towards a 3 year programme across the East Riding.
  • Looking at opportunity for collaboration in year 9 for schools with a 3 year KS4.

Alternative Learning Forum Objectives and proposed actions (pdf 54kb opens in new window)

Pupil Premium Forum

Overall Purpose: To raise the aspirations of Pupil Premium learners and enable and support them to start and achieve on level 3 courses in FE at 19.

Summary of Activities 2015/16

  • Half termly meetings to share ideas and practice lead by BGS and ERC.
  • Tracking of Y10, 11 &12 taking place by YFS by working with schools and colleges and linked to the data protocols work described in the CEIAG update. This is the first time schools and colleges have shared such data that enables the colleges to track this cohort through to 19 for this project.
  • FE mentors identified by colleges and ‘approved’ by schools to use in a variety of sessions as appropriate to the schools CEIAG programme. 
  • Level 3 tasters bespoke for this cohort (and at times individuals) designed and delivered. 
  • Links with ERYC Public Premium charter and disadvantaged champion network made. 
  • Bursary guide circulated for learners.
  • Y10 Aspirations Days took place on 19/21 July. This is collaboration between the Partnership and the University of Hull Widening Participation project FORCE, which is also providing financial support.  These were bespoke sessions developed by the Forum to raise the profile of L3 by 19 and non traditional pathways to HE.

Evaluation and Outcomes Achieved 2015/16

  • In 2014/5 we had 11, Y11 school cohorts involved, although some were in the project but not ‘active’ partners. 119 students were on the project. All had a positive destination post 16. 69% who aspired to a level 3 actually went on to start a level 3 course. The colleges are currently assessing the reasons for the remaining 31% not starting a level 3. Of those 25% are studying a level 2 and therefore it is possible they could achieve a level 3 by 19. The remaining 6% of those aspiring to a level 3 will not achieve a level 3 by 19. The colleges will continue tracking to ensure transition to level 3 for those currently studying level 2. An update in September will be provided about numbers on L3 programmes in Y13.
  • In 2015/16 we have 3 school cohorts involved. All active members. Tracking of Y12 into Y13 to ensure the current L2s progress to level 3 by 19. Annual programme of sharing names between schools and colleges established. Annual ‘Aspirations Days’ for Y10 linked to the disadvantaged champions network could take place (subject to success in July 2016)

Priorities and Recommendations for 2016/17

  • To engage more schools in the work of this forum. Those schools in the project have indicated they value the forum and its activities and would wish to continue.
  • Forum to be combined with ALF Forum and link more closely to the LA led disadvantaged champions in schools project.
  • Annual programme of sharing FE mentor names, FE level 3 tasters, tracking, Annual ‘Aspirations Days’ for Y10 linked to the disadvantaged champions network could take place (subject to success in July 2016)

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