Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Overall Purpose:

  1. CEIAG is a thread that runs through and draws together the work of the other Practitioner forums, in addition to focusing on some key activities and is therefore led by the Operational Group.
  2. To improve the quality of CEIAG in all Schools and Training and Education Institutions serving the East Riding.

Evaluation and Outcomes Achieved 2015/16

1) >log on | move on>

Currently 15 out of 18 (83%) of East Riding Secondary Schools make an annual financial contribution towards sustaining the prospectus.

Almost 500 East Riding Year 11 learners (those in East Riding Schools) have completed a CAP application this academic year, generating 711 applications in total. However, 58% of these learners are from just 2 schools.In response to the consultation undertaken December 2015-Janauray 2016 the 14-19 Strategy Group agreed that it would be an expectation that all East Riding Secondary Schools that have signed the ESP Charter contribute to the sustainability of >log on | move on> for all East Riding learners as per the charges outlined in paragraph 1.3 of the Annex 1 report.  Additionally, schools will be given an option as to whether they wish the ESP Team to bulk upload their year 10 cohort ready for them to access in year 11 or enable self-registration facility in their school for the 2016/17 cohort.

2) Apprenticeship Pathways Event 2016

14 East Riding Schools / Academies, 17 Apprenticeship Providers and 10 Employers supported this year’s event with just over 400 Year 11, 12 and 13 learners attending on the day.  Overall the feedback received from the different organisations indicates that the event was a success and the vast majority would be happy to attend again. Feedback received from schools that did not send any learners suggested the event should be held earlier in the academic year and an earlier indication of employers attending would have encouraged them to attend.

3) Careers Education Framework for the East Riding

Electronic calendar developed to be accessed via this link and will ultimately be available on the ESP Web Site. Will be managed and updated by ESP team.

4) Data Protocol Process

Excellent response to data protocol process, accurate and complete information provided on time to DfE indicating only 3% of students do not have an intended destination.  All mainstream schools have now received feedback pie charts as agreed comparing the ER Cumulative data with their own school data.

5) Careers Coordinator Network

The Careers Coordinators network now represents a wide range of practitioners and education and training organisations. Analysis shows 32 partner organisations have attended one or more event (16 out of 18 secondary schools), and 15 organisations have attended all three events. Reviews from delegates following each meeting indicate the events are meeting expectations and providing valuable opportunities for networking. Topics covered have included the Humber LEP Gold Standard, Local FE Provision, Supporting young people to secure Apprenticeships (all levels) and developing an Effective CEIAG Programme.

6) Humber LEP Gold Standard

At the end of the 2015/16 Academic year, 17 East Riding based organisations have made a formal commitment to work towards the Standard, with three achieving it, with other ESP partners also achieving the Standard.

7) Humber LEP Employability Passport

The LEP are now in a position where they will be taking forward an initial group of trailblazers under a pilot phase. Humber Learning Consortium (HLC) is managing the pilot phase on behalf of the LEP. The LEP is planning a wider roll-out in 2016 and is continuing to look at potential funding sources to manage this process.

Priorities and Recommendations for 2016/17

  1. Continuation of Careers Coordinators Network Meetings one per term – Operational Group to inform priorities for CPD.  Theme for Autumn 2016 meeting already agreed as STEM and Employability Skills.

  2. Apprenticeship Pathways Event consideration should be given as to whether the timing of the event is suitable. Also intention is to track the final destination of learners that attended the event for those schools that have supplied this information.

  3. Feedback requested on suitability of draft Careers Activities Calendar.

  4. Partnership organisations will work together to promote >log on | move on> directly to learners, and encourage use of the self-registration facility for the CAP where appropriate as the preferred means of application.

    The ESP Team will continue to provide (technical) training and support to schools wishing to implement the CAP, working together with the YFS adviser team to complement the IAG buy back service they provide, and building the capacity and capability of school staff to effectively implement and maximise the potential of the CAP in East Riding schools, thus increasing the number of learners using the CAP. 

  5. Continue to embed Data Protocol Processes – Offers to be recorded by providers for September Guarantee; and starter to be recorded for Annual Activity Survey.

  6. Partners to review YNYER LEP CEIAG entitlement document and incorporate actions into ESP CEIAG activity.

  7. Identify and deliver further activities to support embedding careers education across all curriculum areas.

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