Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

To ensure young people in sixth forms have access to impartial advice and guidance the Youth Support Service recommends that the following are put into place.

Information Good Practice for Information, Advice and Guidance

  • Access Area
  • Other Areas
  • Resources
  • Photographs
  • Posters, Booklets etc
  • Induction Booklet
  • Information Technology
  • Parents


  • Applying to Higher Education
  • Not Going to University
  • Blueprint for Life
  • eRiding - Careers Education Web Pages
  • Post-16 Choices and Higher Education
  • Further Information

 Information Good Practice for Information, Advice and Guidance

Access Area

To encourage young people to use the area comfy chairs are preferable with a space to use materials, either with both careers-based and personal information in one space, or with signposting to both types of information within the resource area.

Some schools emphasise the online facility, if this is the case there should still be areas where posters or/and leaflets are displayed and the website information should be clearly signposted.

Other Areas

Year or social areas with notice boards or stands - signposting to:

  • careers information
  • youth support service
  • student services
  • nurse/health


Showing all options:

  • higher education
  • employment
  • apprenticeships
  • gap year etc.
    • information on volunteering


With the name, availability and general "how can I help?" details of Youth Advisors, school nurse - any other IAG staff - especially external staff. This could be displayed outside relevant offices, in social areas.

Posters, Booklets, School/College Website

  •     options post-16
  •     options post-18
  •     signposting to support agencies
  •     campaigns - stop smoking, etc - to be displayed in relevant areas
  •     information on volunteering opportunities.

Induction Booklet

For pupils, parents and new staff this booklet should include information on support services and information, advice and guidance (IAG):

  •     to the 6th form
  •     for new staff.

Information Technology

There should be a designated area on the website or learning platform for IAG website addresses to be listed and for links to career exploration programmes. This could be part of the general site or under a 6th form tab and should be made known to students and parents.


Information online, newsletters, one-to-one or group information sessions.


> Log on | Move on > (external website - opens in a new window)

Welcome to > log on | move on >, the Hull and East Riding 14-19 Prospectus and Common Application Process (CAP). All the information and support you need to plan your future learning.

Applying to Higher Education

The website available via the link below will help you to research courses, think about costs, write personal statements and apply for places in higher education.

eRiding Careers Links - Not Going to Uni (opens in a new window)

Careers Education Web Links from eRiding.

Not Going to University

The websites available via the links below will help you to search for job vacancies, look at alternatives like volunteering, and create CVs.

eRiding Careers Links - Higher Education (opens in a new window)

Careers Education Web Links from eRiding.

Blueprint for Life

Recommended resources for the further education sector.

  • Personal management
  • Learning and work exploration
  • Life/work building

eRiding - Careers Education Web Pages

eRiding Careers Education Links (opens in a new window)

With more information on resources, professional associations etc.

Post-16 Choices and Higher Education

The Russell group of universities have produced a guide for what they call 'facilitating subjects' in their applications process.

Russell Group (external website)

Further Information

Direct.gov (external website)

Work experience in Years 10 and 11 from the Government's public services site

Excellence Gateway (external website)

Information about the Young Apprenticeship (YA) programme from the Excellence Gateway (Learning and Skills Improvement Service) website.


To discuss any of the above please contact:  

Vick Hanley, Partnerships & Commissioned Services Strategic Manager
Tel: (01482) 392834
Email: victoria.hanley@eastriding.gov.uk

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