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Data protocol process

The spreadsheet below can be used for the data protocol process during the academic year for a variety of tasks.

This has been taken to the Secondary Heads meeting where it has been approved as a good way forward for the school and the Local authority to liaise so that the Government statistical returns can be made and also so schools have evidence of pupil progression details for Ofsted and Gold Standard evidence – as well as being informative to school staff.

The spreadsheet will help with Intended Destinations, September Guarantee offers, prospective 6th form starters and any potential NEETs currently in Year 11 who may need support before leaving.

There is also an example document which shows the type of information schools will receive back.

The Youth and Family Support (YFS) team pre populate each school spreadsheet with the current Yr 11 students and also input their intended destinations which they obtain  from >log on | move on>, YFS database, careers interviews and some schools that inform of intended Destinations.

Data Protocol Spreadsheet (excel 13kb opens in new window)

Example of Destination Data (pdf 163kb opens in new window)

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