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Area prospectus (AP) and common application process (CAP)

>log on | move on> is the on-line 14-19 area prospectus and common application process (CAP) for East Riding and Hull.

It has been developed over a number of years, initially in response to a statutory requirement for its implementation across Local Authorities to ensure the impartiality of course information for learners to enable them to make informed choices.

The ESP (formerly the Learning Partnership) has been responsible for its development and implementation in the East Riding, working alongside colleagues from Hull City Council.

The aim of the project is to provide and maintain an on-line 14-19 prospectus and a 16-19 CAP system for the East Riding and Hull which:

  • continues to be seen as the principle source of high quality, accurate, consistent and impartial information for all local post 14 learning opportunities for East Riding and Hull learners.

  • is promoted as a one stop shop across East Riding and Hull for all learning and skills provision needs from 14 to 19 years, and across all stakeholders.

  • includes a 16-19 CAP which is accessible to ALL young people across East Riding and Hull in key stage 4, and provides data and information to be shared safely and securely to support and track them on their learning journey.

  • contributes to the Humber LEP vision of a Humber CEIAG portal.

  • contributes to the Local Offer for children and young people in the East Riding and supports it in Hull.

  • complements the DfE Post 16 National Database.

The prospectus part of >log on | move on> provides young people with information about the qualification pathways they can follow at both 14-16 and 16-19.  The common application process part of >log on | move on> enable young people in year 11 to apply for the post-16 opportunities on-line. 

All post-16 providers are required to update their post-16 opportunities annually by the end of September, and learners are able to make applications via the CAP from the first week in October. Schools may also upload their 14-16 opportunities onto a separate prospectus to support the options process in year 8/9.

East Riding schools and academies are given the option of CAP accounts being automatically created for their year 10 learners, alternatively they can allow their learners to create their own accounts.

All parties contributing to and utilising >log on | move on> are required to sign an annual Service Agreement and Tier 2 Information Sharing Agreement.

All Local Authority maintained schools, academies and other 11-16/19 institutions serving the East Riding and Hull are expected to make a financial contribution towards sustaining the Prospectus, and required to do so if they wish to use the 16-19 CAP.

All other post 16 providers are charged on a sliding scale according to the number of post 16 learners they have on roll.

The ESP team publishes regular updates for all partners using >log on |move on> throughout the year which are available to download here.

If you would like to know more about >log on | move on> and how it could benefit your organisation please contact ESP team on the email below or visit the website using the following link:

Log On Move On (external website)


Chris Adams, Education & Skills Partnership
Email: chris.adams@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482) 391339

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