Information Sharing Agreements

As partners we often need to share information about young people and when doing this we need to make sure we share only the information that is necessary, and we must also protect people’s privacy.

The four Humber local authorities jointly developed the Humber Information Sharing Charter which provides a framework for the effective and secure sharing of information in accordance with legal requirements, ethical boundaries and good practice across the Humber region and establishes the principles and standards under which information sharing will take place.

This arrangement requires that in addition to the single Tier 1 Charter being in place with each organisation, Tier 2 Agreements also need to be in place to support the operational requirements for the sharing of information for a specific and lawful purpose.

It is essential that all Partner institutions we share information with have signed up to the Humber Charter, and that we also have a Tier 2 agreement in place for the specific purpose of supporting 'the learning and welfare of learning clients for which they are responsible'. 

If you would like further information about the Charter visit:


where you will be able to download an up to date version of the Tier 1 Information Sharing Charter and view the list of existing signatories.  If you wish to become a signatory, then please contact the Informatics and Research team at North East Lincolnshire Council:

Email: transparency@nelincs.gov.uk.

Once you have signed up to the Tier 1 Charter please contact the ESP team at esp.team@eastriding.gov.uk to request a personalised Tier 2 Agreement be sent to your organisation. A template version of the Tier 2 Agreement for the specific purpose of supporting the learning and welfare of learning clients is attached below for your information.

Information Sharing Agreement Tier 2 (pdf 73kb opens in new window) 

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