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STEM forum

Overall purpose of the STEM forum:

  • To build on existing networks to further develop the East Riding network of STEM practitioners at all levels to share practice.

  • To promote use of national strategic planning tools in each partner organisation.

  • To map plans, strategies, curriculum and activities including CEIAG across all sectors.

  • Identify gaps and propose CPD offer.

  • Develop collaborative approaches to improve underperformance and increase STEM take up from GCSE to FE and Apprenticeships, and HE.

Summary of activities 2015/16

  1. Technology CPD Session held November 2015.

  2. STEM Strategic Forum established and met twice - 29 members including 15 East Riding secondary schools/academies.

  3. Sub group of participating schools met separately to discuss individual STEM strategies and common themes, and ways to work together and contribute to a collective STEM Strategy linked to CEIAG.

  4. Proposed A-Level Physics CPD Session planned for 12 July 2016.

Evaluation and outcomes achieved 2015/16

  1. National STEM Centre provided input to the inaugural meeting.

  2. 24 delegates attended the Technology CPD Session held November 2015.

  3. 16 out of 18 Secondary Schools contributed to mapping of STEM Co-ordinators, STEM activity and Stem Strategy in East Riding secondary school.

  4. 28 Organisations (including 15 secondary schools and academies), now represented on the STEM Strategic Forum.

  5. Forum members developed an agreed set of objectives and activities - East Riding ESP STEM Framework.

  6. Key post 16 providers shared STEM Strategies.

  7. Schools sub-group agreed to work with their head teachers and senior leaders to obtain commitment to grow STEM provision/take up in school, and to be reflected in school development plans for 2016/17 (if not already).

  8. Schools sub-group agreed to initially focus their collective attention on the Design and Technology aspect of STEM - improving outcomes at GCSE and growth. Schools sub-group obtained agreement for ERPLG to be used as a vehicle to bring heads of Technology together to work and plan together to develop engaging KS3 curriculum for Design and Technology, with careers, LMI and enterprise being incorporated into the new curriculum.

Priorities and recommendations for 2016/17

  1. I O’Donnell has stepped down as lead for the STEM Strategic Forum and Lee Hamshaw-Hart replaced him.

  2. Head of Technology from Beverley Grammar School to drive ERPLG project to develop KS3 Design and Technology curriculum 2016/17.

  3. Potential Engineering Week promotion Autumn Term 2017.

  4. STEM Strategic Forum partners to develop plans and collaborate to improve the CEIAG around STEM, both for Teachers/Tutors and Careers Co-Coordinators, and consider the potential for pooling money to employ someone to provide quality STEM CEIAG in schools.

  5. STEM Forum to support a STEM themed Careers Coordinators Network meeting scheduled for autumn 2016.

  6. STEM Strategic Forum partners to develop and collaborate on plans to raise the profile of STEM subjects generally both with young people (year 7 onwards) and parents.

  7. To develop means of centrally storing (web-based) and publicising the range of activities and resources available to schools/learners to support STEM days.

  8. To explore ways of sharing and engaging with employers as part of the strategy.

  9. To continue to monitor progress towards achieving the objectives in framework and update activities.

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