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ICT in School

' It is not just about computers, but rather the whole range of methods of handling, controlling and communicating information. ' - John Janulewski, ICT Link Adviser, School Improvement Service
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has many facets to its delivery in schools and other learning environments.

It is a discrete subject in its own right - to furnish pupils and students with the skills necessary to use the full range of ICT hardware and software available today.

Satellite Dish
ICT - handling, controlling and communicating information

It is also a proven tool to help pupils and students learn across the whole range of curriculum subjects encouraging achievement and hence raising attainment.

It is not just about computers, but rather the whole range of methods of handling, controlling and communicating information, from the remote control of your satellite TV to sophisticated computer managed functions such as a large school’s data management system.

The power of ICT lies in being able to handle vast amounts of information very quickly, for example being able to sort your home address from a national database of all addresses in the UK in the time it takes to blink.

It also enables changes to systems to be modelled safely, for example systems can predict what will happen to an aircraft if changes are made to its structure - not a process that can be taken lightly in the real world!

It is both these factors that underline the use of ICT in education.

Systems can predict what will happen to an aircraft if changes are made to its structure

Its ability to manipulate and present text and graphics quickly as well as its ability to use data to control existing systems and model new ones, enables learners of all ages to learn in an active and constructive way.

ICT is a tool for our use it can ease workloads, make existing tasks faster, make complex calculations possible and model systems for the future that will further benefit our lives and economy.

The employable person of the future will need to be 'ICT literate' as well as have, at least, the basic skills of literacy and numeracy since ICT is beginning to be used in many new areas of work each day.

Hands-on Support for Schools

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Click the logo above to visit the DLC website

The ICT consultant team currently supports East Riding schools through central CPD courses, school visits, cluster training and Learning Network events.

Through the DLC (Digital Learning Community), this has now expanded to include a range of web-based and online training opportunities in addition to face-to-face activities.

The DLC will enable educators to access specific support tutorials at a time convenient to them and participate in online training sessions while in school.

Practical and pedagogical ICT CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses in venues around the East Riding are now supplemented with the provision of the online DLC VLE (virtual learning environment).

The DLC is able to address the developing training needs of school leaders, co-ordinators, class teachers, teaching assistants and other educators in the wider school community by providing a blended approach to schools for the effective embedding of ICT across the curriculum.

The Digital Learning Community (DLC) team offers pupils and staff in schools in the East Riding a blended approach to learning and continuing professional development, through the provision of face-to-face and online teaching and training.

If you require more information about the DLC please click the link below:

The DLC website where you can find out more about 'hands-on' ICT support to East Riding schools.

A message to East Riding schools from Andy Nunn, Curriculum Project Manager, ICT (Hands-on support for schools)

About 12 years ago I was appointed Head of Science in a Hull secondary school, thus achieving what had been my career goal for some years.

On the way home I remember thinking "I wonder what my next job will be?"

As hardware and software developed I realised that the new generation of computers were becoming genuinely useful for teaching and learning rather than an enrichment activity, and that what we were calling the information superhighway held massive opportunities.

I gradually made the move to getting involved first with ICT teaching, then with the 'back room' stuff of seeing how networks, servers and software could contribute to the opportunities for teachers and pupils.

I hope that I can now help make the life of teachers using ICT easier by:

  • receiving support requests from schools and discussing with colleagues the best way to meet their needs, then working with schools to make sure the school as a customer is satisfied with the service we provide as an ICT support team;
  • giving support on the phone, by e-mail or by visit to help wherever technology seems to be getting in the way of teaching and learning (though not of course as a replacement for your existing technical support facilities);
  • providing a further level of ICT expertise to the ICT Support Team that will enable the team to support preparation of multimedia resources and to further explore cross curricular aspects of ICT.

If you would like to enlist Andy Nunn to discuss ICT issues within your school, or for more information please contact:

Email: ils.support@eastriding.gov.uk

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