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Resources and Worksheets for Teachers

This section enables staff to share ideas and resources for teaching/learning outdoors.

Please contact us using the information at the foot of the page if you have ideas to share or comments about the resources provided.


See below for all resources:

Farming and Countryside Education (FACE) offer a wide range of useful outdoor teaching resources linked to the curriculum:

See Games for the Outdoor Classroom in:

FACE Online Resources (PDF 692KB)

See useful worksheets for food/farming/countryside activities together with relevant links to the curriculum in:

More FACE Online Resources for KS2 (external website)

Worksheets for Teachers

Barefoot Investigator (type:pdf size:76KB)

Battleships Learning Grid Coordinates (type:pdf size:48KB)

Bird Ballistics (type:pdf size:65KB)


Building a Fire Egg Experiment (type:pdf size:100KB)

Building A Shelter (type:pdf size:80KB)

Building Homes for Mini-beasts (type:pdf size:67KB)


Child Perception of Outdoor Space (type:pdf size:95KB)

Conserving Water (type:pdf size:112KB)

Construct a River (type:pdf size:141KB)


Create a Labyrinth (type:pdf size:88KB)

Creating a River (type:pdf size:141KB)

Creative Fairy Tales (type:pdf size:99KB)


Developing School Grounds (type:pdf size:80KB)

Discovering Colour (type:pdf size:57KB)

Dustbin Archaeology (type:pdf size:272KB)


Electronic Treasure Hunting (type:pdf size:186KB)

Angles in School Grounds (type:pdf size:94KB)

Exploring Cause and Effect (type:pdf size:76KB)


Exploring Equations (type:pdf size:70KB)

Exploring Friction (type:pdf size:58KB)

Exploring Herbs and Senses (type:pdf size:91KB)


Exploring Material Properties (type:pdf size:82KB)

Exploring Microclimates (type:pdf size:127KB)

Exploring Plant Parts (type:pdf size:65KB)


Exploring the Role of Water in Life (type:pdf size:96KB)

Exploring Temperatures (type:pdf size:49KB)

Healthy Living (type:pdf size:34KB)


How Do You Perceive Your Surroundings? (type:pdf size:49KB)

How Fast Does Ice Melt? (type:pdf size:67KB)

How to Look After Your Pond (type:pdf size:39KB)


Human Bar Chart (type:pdf size:50KB)

Learn About Water (type:pdf size:96KB)

Literacy Guided Celebrity Tour (type:pdf size:92KB)


Locate a Pond (type:pdf size:38KB)

Make a Mini Water Wheel (type:pdf size:78KB)

Outdoor Lessons to Develop Numeracy (type:pdf size:262KB)


Make a Pilgrimage (type:pdf size:97KB)

Make a Waterwheel (type:pdf size:78KB)

Making a Bag Garden (type:pdf size:162KB)


Music Outdoors (type:pdf size:61KB)

Musical Landscapes (type:pdf size:72KB)

Outdoor Gymnastics (type:pdf size:64KB)


Playing Pirates EYFS Literacy (type:pdf size:182KB)

Poems Lovely as a Tree (type:pdf size:74KB)

Poetry (type:pdf size:54KB)


Treasure Hunt for Spelling Literacy (type:pdf size:52KB)

Treasure Hunt for Words (type:pdf size:53KB)

Treasure Trail Using Foreign Words (type:pdf size:64KB)


Tree Fitness Workout (type:pdf size:65KB)

Use Grounds To Develop Literacy (type:pdf size:450KB)

Use Your Senses (type:pdf size:43KB)


Water As An Energy Source (type:pdf size:96KB)

Water Erosion (type:pdf size:50KB)

What Happened in School Grounds? (type:pdf size:64KB)


What People Think of Our School Grounds (type:pdf size:79KB)

Create a Haka Dance (type:pdf size:75KB)

Environmental Art (type:pdf size:70KB)


Exploring History (type:pdf size:344KB)

Exploring Signs (type:pdf size:72KB)

Exploring What Is Risk? (type:pdf size:34KB)


Expressive Arts (type:pdf size:544KB)

Ideas to Share with Parents (type:pdf size:67KB)

Make Choices in Life (type:pdf size:64KB)


Outdoor Museum (type:pdf size:75KB)

Poetry Outdoors (type:pdf size:608KB)

School Grounds Development Ideas (type:pdf size:164KB)


Storytelling on the Move (type:pdf size:125KB)

School Grounds First Impressions (type:pdf size:83KB)

Secondary Numeracy (type:pdf size:304KB)


Shadow Art (type:pdf size:64KB)

Secondary Technologies (type:pdf size:448KB)

Secondary Science (type:pdf size:320KB)


Secondary School History (type:pdf size:421KB)

Secondary Orienteering (type:pdf size:403KB)

Outdoor Learning Environment games (type:pdf size:726KB)


Primary Outdoors (type:pdf size:222KB)

School Garden Article - Bradford (type:pdf size:986KB)

Science Biology Outdoors (type:pdf size:1.55MB)


Science Chemistry Outdoors (type:pdf size:1.53MB)

Science Outdoors (type:pdf size:175KB)

Science Physics Outdoors (type:pdf size:1.04MB)


Taking Children Outdoors (type:pdf size:138KB)

The Outdoor Classroom (type:pdf size:132KB)

The Value of Outdoor Learning (type:pdf size:975KB)

Useful Websites

For further information and resources please take a look at these external outdoor learning websites.

If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch:

Taff Bowles, Educational Visits and Outdoor Learning officer
Email: taff.bowles@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482) 392417

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