Wednesday 22 November 2017

Finance and funding for schools

External funding is seen as discretionary money not accounted for within the funding received from The Council through budget share or standards fund, distributed by various UK and EU agencies on a business case and/or competitive basis requiring an application.

Each funder applies its own rules about eligibility and its own requirements on applicants.

It is advisable therefore to check these before completing application forms in order to avoid wasting effort.

Funders change their rules fairly frequently, so it is important to ensure that the rules are still current.

Clarity about the project is essential.

As a general rule, funders are interested in activities rather than tangible objects.

While external funding may be used to purchase such things as mini-buses and sport equipment, it is important to keep in mind the activities that these will make possible and which could not have taken place otherwise.

Funders invariably want to fund additional projects.

Retrospective funding is almost impossible to achieve, as it is the funding of activity that might be deemed to be 'normal' for the applicant.

The matrix available to download below contains the main areas of activity for which schools may seek external funding.

Almost all of the funders have their own websites and these addresses are available as links in the matrix.

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