Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Registration of NQTs

If schools wish to register NQTs with this appropriate body, the NQT induction coordinator should visit the ERYC NQT Manager site (use button below) to log in and register.

Please remember all NQTs must be registered with an Appropriate body before starting their NQT induction.

East Riding NQT Manager

There is an area on the right highlighted in yellow which says ‘Register as an Induction Coordinator'.

Click on this link and it will take you to a registration page for you to complete.

Once this is done an automated email will be forwarded to Jane Redfearn or one of the NQT team to approve. You will then receive a notification that you can now use the system and other users can be added.

Within NQT Manager, there are various user groups. Each user group has a set of rules and permissions that determine what data they can view and which operations they can perform.

NQT Induction Handbook

NQT Induction Handbook (PDF) (pdf 567kb opens in a new window)

NQT Induction Handbook (Word) (word 1.0mb opens in a new window)

User groups

The user groups are as follows:

Headteachers – full access to all your schools NQT staff and NQTs.

Induction coordinators (induction tutor) – full access to all your schools tutors and NQTs.

Tutors (subject mentors) – only have access to the NQT(s) they are mentoring.

NQTs – only have access to their own information and the ability to complete the ‘NQT Comments’ field on the assessment form.

School administrators – the registering of NQTs only.

When registering the NQTs, you will need to input the following information about the individual being registered.  Please ensure you have this information handy so the process is efficient.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Teacher reference number
  • National Insurance number
  • Contract type ie. full-time or part-time
  • Stage in the NQT induction process ie. starting etc
  • Subjects to be taught (secondary/special)
  • Year group/s to be taught (primary/special).

and you will also be asked about checks that have been undertaken e.g.

  • DBS
  • References
  • Passing of skills tests.

Further information

If you require further information, please contact us through the NQT Manager website

NQT Manager website (external website)

or at the address below:

NQT Administration
Jane Redfearn, supply service manager

Karen Waterhouse, primary improvement adviser
Tel: (01482) 392122

Sue Griffiths, secondary improvement adviser (NQTs)
Tel: (01482) 392418

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