Using the East Riding Booking Management System

eTeach is the software database that we use in the East Riding local authority. It allows us to find the most appropriate person for each placement, manage all payroll processes and keep your availability up-to-date.

The software also allows supply staff to update their availability and to confirm that all hours worked have been recorded correctly.

Using the East Riding Booking Management System

Log in instructions

Upon registration with the East Riding Supply Service you will have been provided with a username and password.

Please use your username and password to log in via the button below:

East Riding Booking Management System Login

This will take you to the East Riding Booking Management System.

Enter your username and password and then select Sign In.

What to do next...

Scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you will find a link to 'temporary staff management'.

Click on this link and the page will update to 'My homepage'.

The heading is Supply Work and below you have a link to 'Calendar’ and 'Mark Dates Unavailable'. Click on the view link beside either option.

Calendar – This tab allows you to look at historic bookings. We strongly suggest that you check this tab at the end of every month. Bookings that are displayed for the previous month will be paid. Bookings you may have done that are not displayed will not be paid.

Please note: that it is your responsibility to check your eTeach calendar and discuss any discrepancies with the school or the Supply Service. Date ranges can be changed by clicking in the “Time From” Box and “Time To” box whereby a calendar will be displayed to assist you to chose your date range.

Calendar – This tab also allows you to view future bookings. Please note that schools or the Supply Service will discuss bookings with you before entering them on the system. Again click in the “Time From” Box and “Time to” Box to assist you in choosing a future date range.

Availability – This calendar allows you to select dates when you are unavailable. If you have a private appointment please mark yourself as unavailable this avoids unnecessary telephone calls from ourselves or schools.

This can be achieved by holding the cursor on “available” and clicking your mouse, which should then change to “unavailable”.

Holidays – If you are going to be unavailable for work for a few days please use the Holiday tab as this is a very quick way to mark yourself unavailable for more than a day.

Holidays can be added by entering the inclusive dates from and to in the boxes provided and clicking “ADD”.

Change Password – If you want to change your password please follow the instructions on screen.

Privacy Notice

East Riding Supply Service is committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our visitors to our website.  No personal data is collected by visiting this website.  There are application forms that can be downloaded from this website, completed and emailed to the Service for the purpose of being considered for supply posts within the East Riding Supply Service Pool of Staff. 

Information on how East Riding of Yorkshire Council use your information can be found following the link below:-

East Riding of Yorkshire Council - General Privacy Notice

If you need more information about eTeach or supply working in the East Riding please contact us:

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Please send any queries you may have to:

East Riding Supply Service
Tel: (01482) 392508/9
Email: supply.service@eastriding.gov.uk

For urgent queries please contact:

Jane Redfearn, East Riding Supply Service manager
Tel: (01482) 392506
Email: jane.redfearn@eastriding.gov.uk

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