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Assessment and Administration
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Assignment Briefs

Writing a good assignment brief is the crux of learners achieving well in their assessments.

It an assignment is exciting, attainable and easy to understand then a learner will find the whole process of controlled assessment much easier.

The Awarding Bodies produce exemplar assignment briefs which can be downloaded from their websites.

These example briefs can be used as a starting point from which to develop your own assessment material.

The Awarding Body assignments are generic to all consortiums and will require developing further to suit your learners and locality.

All Awarding Body assignment briefs.

A good assignment brief should have the following features:

  • It is written for the learners to understand - learner-friendly vocabulary
  • Provides opportunities which allow learners to progress across the mark bands for all learning outcomes
  • Uses a range of evidence to address the learning outcomes
  • Has an applied slant with a realistic scenario for learners to adopt
  • Makes maximum use of practical activities and work experience
  • Outlines the controls specific to the assignment
  • The assessment section of the specifications provide information on the:
    • purpose of the assessment;
    • controls to apply;
    • evidence to be created;
    • GLH (GLH stands for Guided Learning Hours - can apply to the amount of teaching hours or amount of time spent on completing controlled assessments) to be allocated to controlled assessment.

The Brief

The brief must clearly state to the learner what the purpose of the assessment is and have an outcome that would be meaningful to an employer.

Learner achievement would be supported if the brief is set in collaboration with an employer.

Task Setting and Applied Scenarios

All task set should have an applied scenario and relate to the brief set at the start of the assignment.

These applied scenarios are not provided in the specifications and must be added by the person writing the assignment.

They should be as realistic as possible drawing on business/resources found locally where possible.

Awarding Body example assessment material often have vague scenarios which are meant to be adapted to suit your locality.

Scenarios are more purposeful when they relate to locality and experience of the learner.

Please visit the Controlled Assessment page for more information on the nature of the assessment tasks.

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