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Assessment and Administration
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Feedback and Review

As all good teaching practise advises learners should receive feedback in order to progress and assess their achievements.

Feedback can be given at any point during the taught element of Diploma units.

However when controlled assessment is being conducted any feedback given must be general and guiding.

Specific additions or amendments must not be indicated.

It is suggested that all feedback should be logged on the consortium feedback form.

On occasions where the assessment task requires that learners are given feedback which they must act upon as part of the assessment the feedback must be recorded and the learner's individual response noted as part of his/her achievement of the task.

In this situation feedback must be in line with the requirements of the specification.

Feedback must however be given once an assignment has been marked.

Again this feedback should be recorded on the feedback sheet or mark sheet and should identify areas of strength and areas that could be improved for their next assignment.

Review and redrafting

An interim review of the assignment is permitted during the controlled assessment period.

At this review a provisional grade can be given with a 'P' for provisional.

However no annotations/amendments can be written on the script and feedback must not be specific to any changes that must be made.

It is advisable to use the feedback form to evidence review feedback.



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