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Diploma Groups and Roles
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Lead Partners

For every Diploma line of learning in the East Riding there is a Lead Partner.

In practice, this is a college or a school.

At present there are no Lead Partners among Work-based Learning providers.

The role and remit of the Lead Partner has been discussed and agreed, and is as follows:

The Lead Partner will:

  • coordinate the writing of a Gateway submission by all partners including other colleges, schools, EBP and Work-based learning providers;
  • ensure the submission meets all requirements to be successful, and is submitted on time on behalf of all partners;
  • liaise with GOYH, and attend feedback sessions and Category 2 and 3 re-evaluations on behalf of partners; disseminate the information;
  • facilitate the effective delivery of a specific line of learning across the East Riding with a range of partners who will offer principal learning in different geographical areas;
  • coordinate with partners the arrangements for generic learning and additional and specialist learning;
  • coordinate planning meetings, development and working groups to prepare for effective delivery of the Diploma;
  • agree with the consortium and Diploma providers what each partner will offer, and who will be the relevant contacts in order to complete the online Management Information requirements on behalf of all partners;
  • work with delivery partners to agree delivery models for Principal Learning, Generic Learning and Additional and Specialist Learning;
  • liaise on behalf of the consortium with EBP and Connexions to agree employer contributions/involvement for units/modules, and coordinate arrangements for IAG and information to pupils and parents across the consortium;
  • inform all partners of CPD opportunities, and disseminate information from training events to all;
  • ensure the details of the successful Gateway application is delivered on behalf of the consortium and Diploma providers:
  • coordinate the organization and delivery of taster sessions for students;
  • act as a conduit for information across and between partners;
  • take responsibility for informing partners of the QA Good Practice Guidance, and play a leading role in developing protocols and procedures to suit the consortium based on the guidance;
  • provide a Domain Assessor for the Line of Learning and ensure the person receives adequate training and time to be able to fulfil the function;
  • ensure timely monitoring and evaluation of the Line of Learning;
  • represent the partnership locally, regionally and nationally as designated;
  • and liaise with SSAT/NCSL/DCSF/LSIS representatives.


For further information on the role of the Lead Partner please contact:

Jean Johnson, 14-19 Lead Officer
Tel: 01482 391337



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