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A Single East Riding Diploma Consortium

The East Riding of Yorkshire has one county wide Diploma consortium.

Each line of learning in the East Riding-wide consortium has a single Lead Partner/Line Lead.

There is a clear role and remit for the Lead Partner agreed by the 14-19 Strategy Group.

Each Lead Partner in Gateway 1-2 received funding to support the set up costs for their line of learning which was shared between delivery partners.

Each Lead Partner submitted a plan describing the uses to which they would put this funding and the means by which they would monitor and evaluate this spend.

The Lead Partner for each line of learning provides a Domain Assessor for moderating the assessment of this Diploma line for all centres delivering this line of learning throughout the East Riding.

It has been agreed that Domain Assessor can charge £200 per day for their moderation services to other delivery partners; wherever possible this cost can be shared by a group of providers for a group moderation exercise.

The Lead Partner organises Diploma Development Group network meetings for their line of learning. All current and potential delivery centres.

A timetable of all Diploma Development Group meetings is held and circulated by the local authority.

All providers delivering the diploma in the East Riding contribute to pay the salary of a Lead Assessor for the Diploma in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The Lead Assessor is based in a local FE College and managed by a small representative group set up by the 14-19 Strategy Group.

Management of the Lead assessor will be devolved on an operational basis to the local authority 14-19 Lead Officer.

The Lead Assessor will provide critical development and support for all the Domain Assessors and represent the East Riding in moderation meetings with examination boards.

The main operational forum for curriculum planners in schools, FE Colleges and work-based learning providers is the Action Group.

This well-attended group has open membership and is mainly attended by Deputy Headteachers, Deputy Principals and representatives of other providers.

The group also includes local authority officers and key partners.

This group has agreed many of the common features of the curriculum offer: two common Diploma days per cohort, common policy and practise including Quality Assurance framework, Diploma marketing materials and common Diploma uniform.

The local authority has purchased SIMS Partnership Exchange to allow online sharing of registration, personal details and assessment data for students by all partners, with full integration for SIMS users.

Currently 14-16 Diploma students can access local authority-funded transport to any provider site, pending agreed funding in the future by the council.