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Teaching and Learning

Diploma Facilitators

Schools and partnerships can call upon Facilitators for support with most aspects of Diploma development.

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This support is free to users and funded by the LA to help ensure quality delivery of the Diploma and coherence across the East Riding.

There is a Facilitator for each line of Learning.

Facilitators provide curriculum and pedagogical expertise to their specific Diploma development group, and they meet regularly between themselves to share good practice and raise issues that have been discussed by their Line of Learning.

Facilitators are your first port of call with queries associated with a particular Diploma line.

Facilitator Role Description

  • Attend diploma development meetings for the line of learning and support line of learning leads.
  • Champion effective diploma pedagogy.
  • Support the development of gateway submissions.
  • Help to undertake some associated curriculum development.
  • Attend writing days in support of submissions.
  • Attend writing days for responses to gateway feedback.
  • Support the development of implementation plans.
  • Network across all groups involved in the same line of learning, sharing good practice and materials.
  • Signpost and develop CPD. Help diploma development groups to prioritise and optimise the use of external support.
  • Attend appropriate CPD events to develop expertise.
  • Ensure effective employer engagement is planned and integrated into schemes of work.
  • Ensure that high quality IAG is planned, and support Diploma marketing strategies.
  • Signpost materials, linking with SSAT, NCSL, QIA, LSIS and Diploma support website.
  • Support the development of appropriate assessment strategies in line with QCDA guidelines.
  • Share information regarding local, regional and national Diploma developments.
  • Maintain contacts and liaison with Awarding Bodies.
  • Maintain contacts and liaison with the EBP.
  • Maintain contacts and liaison with the Lead Assessor.

Facilitator Contact Details

Diploma Line


Construction and the Built Environment

The Learning Partnership
Tel: (01482) 391338

Society, Health and Development

Michelle Coates, Improvement Officer (Secondary)
Tel: (01482) 392468


Tarina Sherwood, Early Years Development Advisor
Tel: (01262) 606053
Email: tarina.sherwood@


The Learning Partnership
Tel: (01482) 391338

Creative and Media
Environmental and Land-based Studies

Mandy Hodgskinson, Improvement Officer (Secondary)
Tel: (01482) 392484

Hair and Beauty

ILS (Improvement and Learning Service) Support

Business, Administration and Finance

Michelle Coates, Improvement Officer (Secondary)
Tel: (01482) 392468