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The Management page will include all current Ofsted guidance and those from other agencies involved, for instance Safeguarding.

There are some relevant documents available to download via the resource panels below.

These include health check type documents designed to keep leaders and managers up-to-date with current developments, documents that support the self-evaluation framework (SEF) for all settings , including schools and PVIs and current EYFS documentation.

Links to host websites will also be repeated here so users can download resources themselves, or find out other information.


Angela Jones, Foundation Stage Strategy Manager
Tel: (01482) 392467
Email: angela.jones@eastriding.gov.uk

Amy Bowler, Early Years Improvement Officer
Email: amy.bowler@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482) 392403

Emerald Grant, Early Years Improvement Officer
Email: emerald.grant@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482) 392483

Rachel Lewis, Early Years Improvement Officer
Email: rachel.lewis@eastriding.gov.uk
Tel: (01482) 392408

No resources available.


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