Sunday 16 December 2018
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Talk for Reading

Developing Talk for Reading in the EYFS

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been working on an Early Years initiative called Talk for Reading and has now produced a resource pack which includes case studies which will inspire and support you in developing good early language and communication practice for young children and their families.

We know that early language development is one of the most important factors in young children’s current and future learning – a lot depends on what they hear, say and do in the first five years of life.

This pack offers practical ideas to support early years practitioners in developing early talking and reading.

If you would like further information about this pack please contact us.




Angela Jones, Foundation Stage Strategy Manager
Tel: (01482) 392467

Emerald Grant, Early Years Improvement Officer
Tel: (01482) 392483

Amy Bowler, Early Years Improvement Officer
Tel: (01482) 392403

Rachel Lewis, Early Years Improvement Officer
Tel: (01482) 392408

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