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Mathematics & Numeracy

Primary Mathematics & Numeracy

Y1 3 5 Pyramids Investigation Activity

' In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them. ' - Johann von Neumann (1903 - 1957)

Primary mathematics
Available to download below are several resources which were shared on the Primary National Strategy Y1 Y3 Y5 Training for Maths - Day 2 during spring 2008.

The resources are to be used to develop reasoning and enquiry skills, and mental calcualtion skills.

Developing Reasoning and Language - Pyramid Activity


To download the SMART Notebook resources:

Right click on the document link and choose 'Save Target As...'

Save the file to a location on the hard disk of your computer, then launch the SMART Board software and open the saved resource using the correct procedure.

To download SMART Notebook 9.5 please click here.

New file format for Notebook software 9.5

SMART have launched a new version of their whiteboard software. It is important to note that the new Notebook software 9.5 has a new file format that may present some compatibility issues in mixed version environments, and we recommend that you upgrade all your computers at the same time to avoid these concerns.

Notebook files now feature a *.notebook extension (they are no longer *.xbk files)
- Gallery files now feature a *.gallery extension (they are no longer *.xbc files)

Notebook software 9.5 users can open older .xbk and .xbc files. Simply open the file as you normally would. It will be converted to the new format when you save the file as a .notebook version.

Notebook software 9.1 users cannot open version 9.5 files that have .notebook and .gallery file extensions. A Notebook software 9.1 user can open a file created in version 9.5 if the file has been saved in an older format.

To save a Notebook file to an older format, select Save As > Save as type > SMART Notebook 9.0/9.1 (*.xbk) or SMART Notebook 8.0 (*.xbk).

When you save a file created in Notebook software 9.5, the file contents are preserved, but function as a static image. Notebook software 9.1 users can open and view all of the content created in the version 9.5 file, but cannot edit the file.


If further information is required, please contact:

Rebecca Lewis, Area Improvement Adviser
Tel: (01482) 392412
Email: rebecca.lewis@eastriding.gov.uk

Kay Ray, Improvement Officer (Secondary)
Tel: (01482) 392486,
Email: kay.ray@eastriding.gov.uk

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