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Core aspects of learning
Speaking and listening


Listening and responding

Group discussion and interaction



Word reading skills and strategies

Understand and interpret texts

Engage with and respond to texts


Create and shape texts

Text structure and organisation

Sentence structure and punctuation

Word structure and spelling


Word downloadCore learning in literacy: by year
Word downloadCore learning in literacy: by strand

Literacy learning objectives

The objectives can be presented in two ways - by year, as structured in the 1998 Framework, and, in response to requests to make progression clearer, across each of the strands of literacy. The objectives cover the Foundation Stage to Year 6, along with objectives that show Year 6 progression to Year 7. The organisation and range of objectives are designed to help you to plan across the primary age range, and to prepare learning for mixed-age and mixed-ability classes. The Year 6 progression to Year 7 identifies aspects of literacy that Year 6 children who are working towards or beyond level 5 might be taught, in order to extend and challenge their learning.

The learning objectives promote the significant learning which needs to take place across the primary phase to secure confidence and accuracy in pupils' literacy at the end of Key Stage 2. The learning objectives for each year have been designed to identify progression within each strand. The revised objectives have implicit within them much of the specific detail to be found in the 1998 framework but with a clearer and more explicit identification of the core aspects of literacy learning and a stronger sense of progression within each aspect of literacy. There are raised expectations in the revised learning objectives with some having been clustered and condensed, and in some cases objectives have been moved to another year group.

Speak and listen for a wide range of purposes in different contexts
Word downloadSpeaking
Word downloadListening and responding
Word downloadGroup discussion and interaction
Word downloadDrama

Read a wide range of texts on paper and on screen
Word downloadWord reading skills and strategies
Word downloadUnderstand and interpret texts
Word downloadEngage with and respond to texts

Write a wide range of texts on paper and on screen
Word downloadCreate and shape texts
Word downloadText structure and organisation
Word downloadSentence structure and punctuation
Word downloadWord structure and spelling
Word downloadPresentation