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Further information and resources

Work done by pupils whilst studying the wars which have shaped our lives are published in this section.

Please contact us using the address at the page if you would like to submit your or your class's work for this area.

We can offer advice and suggestions for projects, and help you submit the work when you have finished.

Available from this page...

Primary Key Stage 2

Thanks to the staff and children of a local primary school for their excellent work submitted for publication on this site.

The work followed a school event where veterans in the community were invited into the school and were interviewed first-hand by teams of pupils.

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Please Help Us

This website has been produced to support the local study of history.

Kitchener - This website needs you!
This website needs you!

If you have any records, documents or personal recollections about the War, then please share them with us.

If you would like to share your memories through this website, but you are not from the East Riding of Yorkshire, please contact us anyway.

If we use things you send in, we will acknowledge your contribution and your copyright where this applies.

If you wish to do this, or comment on this site, please e-mail:

Thank you for your support.

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